The Lord of the Rings + prologue

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  • Sam: I can't carry the ring, but I can carry you!
  • Frodo: no sam das gay

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Oh guys i just got kik the other day, and I don’t really get how it works but I thought I could add some of you guys on it and w could talk and fandom stuff idek but yeah

My username is severussnapey owo yay

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Summary: What happens when the Cybermen come to middle-earth? Can Frodo destroy the Horcruxes? Will Lestrade find his division? Lotr/Sherlock/HP/DW X-Over. Would anyone read this? X3

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Okay, so I think I managed to follow everyone who reblogged that!

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If anyone generally reblogs any of the following, then reblog this post so I can follow you? :D

~Harry Potter



~Dr Who




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My Mum comes in whilst I’m watching LotR.

Mum- “Oh, who’s that? It he the one you think is good looking?”

Me- “No Mum, that’s Craig Parker who plays Haldir, but Viggo is very pretty.”

Mum- “Oh do you think so? I’d say he’s ugly.”


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If I wrote a FanFiction with a load of my favorite fandoms;




~Dr. Who

~Harry Potter


Would anyone read it? If just one person says they will, I’ll do it :D <3

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Gif Challenge. :3

The 1st is how you feel right now:

Not quite, I’m supposedly revising :S

The 7th gif in your folder is how you felt this morning:

Heheheh… <3

The 5th gif in your folder is how you feel right now

Wait, wut?

The 30th gif in your folder is how you will feel 10 minutes from now:

Oh dear, maybe I should get off the internet…

The 25th gif in your folder is how you will be 10 days from now:


The 12th gif in your folder is how you will live 10 years from now:

Running a chocolate factory? Calling old guys weird? #LIKEABOSS

The 3rd gif in your folder is how the same sex sees you:


The 20th gif in your folder is how the opposite sex sees you:


The 2nd gif in your folder is what you will dream about tonight:


The 10th gif in your folder is how your children will act:

My children will be ballet superstars known as Jim Moriarty. Yes, they will all have the same name.

The 15th gif in your folder is what your parents thought when you were born:


The 21st gif in your folder is how you act in school:


The 13th gif in your folder is how you will feel at your wedding:


The last gif in your folder is how people will feel at your funeral:


The 2nd to last gif in your folder is how God will greet you:

Cheers God.

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